акционерное общество
Республиканская физико-
математическая школа

The International Young Physicists Tournament IYPT-2020

The 33rd IYPT 2020 was completed online from September 4 to 8, 2020 due to the global COVID-19 situation. The local organizing committee in Georgia organized O-IYPT-2020 (http://www.iypt2020.ge/index.php ) on Discord.

The International Young Physicists Tournament (IYPT https://www.iypt.org/) is a team competition for students in grades 9-11. The first Olympiad took place in 1988 in Moscow. Since then, it has been held annually in different countries of the world. Each team consists of five high school students and two coaches.

The tournament is considered one of the most difficult scientific competitions in the world. The International Organizing Committee publishes 17 problems a year before the competition, often requiring knowledge of related disciplines to solve them. During the preparatory period, participants conduct experiments, analyze the theory, consult with experts and write a report to be presented at the tournament.

During the competition, discussions are held, which are called “Physical battles”. Each team takes turns playing one of four roles: speaker, opponent, reviewer, and observer. After five qualifying fights, the finalists are determined, who participate in the final discussion.

This year the first our country was adequately represented by our students of the RFMS of Almaty: Shin Artem (11 D grade), Konurbaev S (10 D grade), Kusainov A (10 D grade), Iskakov I (10 D grade) and received thanks and certificates from the O-IYPT organizing committee and from the rector of the IUK (International University of Kutaisi, Georgia). Congratulations to our first-time recruits and we are proud of you, Well done!

If you are interested in such tournaments, please contact us, we are recruiting a team to participate in the 34th IYPT 2021.


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